Welcome to Ads & Webb

Empowering Nonprofits with Technology Solutions

We are a leading technology company dedicated to providing innovative and tailored tech solutions to non-profit organizations. With offices in Canada and Nigeria, Ads & Webb is committed to leveraging the power of technology to help non-profits achieve their missions and make a positive impact in their communities.

Our team of experienced professionals combines their expertise in technology and non-profit operations to deliver customized solutions that address the unique challenges faced by organizations in the non-profit sector. We understand the importance of effective technology implementation in streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and maximizing the reach and impact of your organization’s initiatives.

Our Services

Custom Software Development

We design and develop custom software applications that cater to the specific needs of non-profit organizations.

Web Development

We create engaging and user-friendly websites that effectively communicate your organization's mission.

Data Analytics

We help non-profits leverage data to gain valuable insights into their operations.

Technology Consulting

We assess your organization's current technology landscape and provide recommendations for improvement.